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Certificate Condition
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1) The Prime Minister - Single PPM quality innovation

2) Certificate of management system - quality ISO9000

3) Certificate of management - environment ISO14000

4) Certificate of quality (Single PPM) - Starting Air Valve

5) Certificate of quality (Single PPM) - Non-Return Valve

6) Best quality award - Doosan Engine Ltd.,

7) Best Award for 3C performance - Doosan Engine Ltd.,

8) Certificate of self-inspection - Doosan Engine Ltd,.

9) UP-3C Excellence Award - Doosan Engine Ltd.,
1) Patent certificate - machinery shop tool which can regenerate products

2) Practical ideas - forging mold of ship engine spindle

3) Practical ideas - forging mold of non-return valve of ship engine

4) Certificate for INNO-BIZ

5) Certificate of Venture Business

6) Nomination for business of bright prospect

7) Certificate of expert corporation for components and materials

8) Nomination for business whose exportation is promising

9) Membership of Korean Trade Association

10) 2007.07 두산엔진㈜ 품질경영대상수상
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